Tuesday, 19 May 2020

FC Barcelona shakes up goalkeeper market with sharp decision on Neto

The solutions are currently opening up space for the Brazilian who has great options throughout the continent
Catalonia has for many years been an inhospiit territory for all foreign goalkeepers, or it will be necessary to ask Claudio Bravo, or Jasper Cillesen himself. At FC Barcelona they live one more chapter of this story and have identified in Neto an obvious problem, the same one that in this moment they try to overcome by putting their head on the list of futuribles.

At least 8 alternatives handle in folder, away soccer jerseys and that is to be valued in terms of the work that has left in its present both Abidal and Bartomeu. Starting with the ones he has inside Spain, where they stand out: Valencia CF himself, the team from which he has made his arrival at Barca, Atletico Madrid, Betis and Sevilla.

The problem is that everyone sees him as an alternative to the usual headlines, and the stay would be contingent on a fairly narrow margin in this regard. Neto claims ownership and prominence, but at 30 years old and with the lack of pace he accuses this is really complex. The other is its market value, which by exceeding 10 million euros could be another of the most marked obstacles.

Onana could be the key in this matter
At the international level, it is worth noting the offers of AC Milan, which goes after the search for a goal that fills the more than sung departure of Gianluigi Donnarumma. From Arsenal, PSG trying to fill the space left by Sergio Rico, and Chelsea that continues to highlight Kepa's absence due to lack of confidence of his coach, Frank Lampard.

But the alternative that most seduces is the one that has to do with André Onana. The goal of Ajax has been related for many months to FC Barcelona itself, and for this moment it is a matter of way for everything to do with the deal. If they detach from the African they could receive the Brazilian, and this would lower the final signing of a goalkeeper who is currently packed about 60 kilos.

André Onana
I work and more work for the culé directive. It is at this moment that you must manage your possibilities to be able to find a sung profit. Bartomeu hides his responsibility and Abidal moves his chips to clear the way. Everything seems doomed and the fields are being lined up at the end. Theme to observe in detail.

Betis takes advantage of FC Barcelona's inability to place Vidal

Every part of a player who joins them from the winter transfer market
Carles Aleñá has left the border to the bética in the middle of a rather curious movement that had effect the previous winter market. The fc Barcelona canteran midfielder ended up making the milkshals in search of minutes,barcelona shirts and to this day he could be involved in one of the most controversial operations, which includes him and also have as their protagonist the Chilean Arturo Vidal.

For the market visual that culés have, there is no way to include him in his plans, at least from a direct point of view. Real Betis claims a little more prominence, and has instilled in making an eventual extension of his loan, at least for one more season.

Josep Maria Bartomeu
If in Barcelona it is taken into account it is not precisely for you to play, it is more to strengthen the revenue plan, which aims to bring large players with little investment. Bartering, cessation and so on, all of this is looking for amid the busy schedule and substantial revenue cut out in the wake of the crisis that has left the coronavirus.

Aleñá accepts betis in tensions in the first instance
The first thing to say once betis has left open his chances with the Catalan player, is that the protagonist himself has agreed to it. He is seduced by the idea of continuing to stay at Benito Villamarín and still counting on minutes in a high-demand club that comes in the middle of the growth stage.

But for that to be first, you have to resort to quite a few instances and that is exactly what is intended. At the moment there are no certain agreements, nor many there is acceptance of the parties, in Barcelona they are awaiting a greater offer, or the return to put you in the realization of intended players.

Carles Aleñá
And if this is confirmed the greatest beneficiary will end up being Arturo Vidal. The Chilean is at a neutral point, and for now everything indicates that he will end up staying. With Aleñá leaning, the lack of resources to invest, and clubs related to stubborn tricks, would end up leaving that favorable balance to Setién that counts with the South American in the face of the great challenges of the current and future campaign.